Saving money is always a good thing, saving money off your cleaning service is even better. At Monster Cleaning Kensington we know all about value for money and affordability, and we know how to extend both of these to our private and business customers. No matter how basic or complex your service requirements we aim to give you the most bang for your money, in this case the most cleaning.

We are able to do this through a system of special deals and discounted/preferential pricing available to all eligible customers and applied to all services in store. We offer a variety of special deals and service packages/bundles designed to save you money. Some of our special deals are permanent fixtures available all year round, others are subject to availability. We also run various weekly, monthly and seasonal specials so keep an eye out for what’s coming next – a good deal on a cleaning service you need is always there.

At any one time we run about ten or so special deals on different clean-ups such as tenancy and carpet cleaning (currently running out the door at -50%), also a number of appliance cleaning specials starting at just £75! We also offer special deals on cleaning hours – our regular customers who are eligible can take advantage of free hours included in their fixed schedule cleaning. Besides special deals and cleaning packages we also offer discounted/preferential pricing to eligible customers.

For more information on this, please contact us via phone or online. Please be advised that some of the special deals we offer are limited time only or subject to availability. If you miss a deal you liked, don’t be discouraged but speak to our customer advisors and they will come up with a bespoke price on the service you need, giving you value for money and keeping our promise of affordable cleaning.

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