Terms and Conditions

We appreciate a transparent, straightforward way of doing business, and we like to keep things between customers and ourselves fair and square. Because of this we have devised and implemented a set of rules, which are both guidelines and framework regulating the contractual relationship between our clients and us as a service provider. For short these are referred to as Service Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions are uniformly applied to all customers and all services we offer. These terms clarify and explain the rights and responsibilities each party has towards the other, the conditions listed here also deal with settling potential disputes and offer standard solutions to certain situations.

We know that having to go through all the small print is a real pain in the neck but we strongly advise customers to carefully read through these terms and conditions as this will save both parties a lot of potentially unnecessary headaches. If by any chance you are unclear with some of the terms and conditions found on this page, please let us know about it and we will do our best to clarify and explain. As a professional business, we adhere strictly to the terms and conditions outlined here.


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